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Enterprise B2B Catering Subscription

Subscription-based catering for companies

Employee satisfaction is crucial to the success of any modern corporation. We at Caterlinks specialize in offering a unique solution which not only delights your palate, but also promotes a feeling of well-being for all members of your team. Our subscription-based corporate catering service offers an easy way to offer exceptional meals, elevate the workplace culture and enhance employee experience. This is a new employee benefit that is becoming increatingly popular arround Europe, and it is time for your company to adapt into this new reality.

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Values Beyond the Workspace

We know that a hectic workday can lead to sacrifices in quality. We want to change this by bringing a variety of delicious meals to your office. Our menus are carefully crafted to meet the dietary and taste preferences of your staff. Furthermore, we offer our community clients the ability to share their opinions and vote for menu changes.

Tailored to your needs

Catering for diverse employees is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We offer menus for vegetarians, vegans and omnivores. Our talented chefs can also customize menus according to your company’s preferences and values. We take great pride in creating a dining experience for your team that is tailored to their tastes.

Caterlinks will help you create unforgettable moments, whether it’s for a company-wide meeting, a milestone party, or an informal team lunch. We offer more than just delicious food. We also provide all the equipment you need, as well as professional servers and attention to detail.

Employees’ well-being

Researchers have repeatedly found a link between nutrition and productivity. You’re investing in your employees’ health and happiness by providing them with high-quality meals. Subscribe to our service and you will not only satisfy your hunger, but also boost creativity, improve focus, and create a positive working environment.

Improved Experience, Streamlined Process

Downloading an app is the easiest way to enhance your catering experience. Our intuitive platform allows your HR department to easily schedule deliveries, select menu options, or customize offerings for the occasion. You can concentrate on your core business, while we handle the culinary side.

Elevate your company culture

It’s not just about the food. It’s also about fostering relationships and improving your company culture. Subscriber-based catering is not just an added benefit, but also a way to invest in your employees’ happiness and wellbeing. Join the companies who are redefining workplace experiences through exceptional dining.

Unleash The Power Of Exceptional Dining

We at Caterlinks believe that good food can transform workplaces, and elevate experiences. Catering subscriptions for businesses aren’t about just delivering food; they’re about creating moments of connection, joy, and rejuvenation. Join us to unleash the potential of dining that resonates and supports your team’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Events

Subscription-based catering as an employee benefit is an innovative and beneficial offering that allows employers to provide their staff with regular, nutritious meals at work – increasing work-life balance and overall well-being at once! Employees enjoy receiving their daily deliveries directly at work for added convenience and wellbeing benefits.

Giving employees the convenient of dining at work with no fuss will highly boost emplyee satisfaction and ensure the best possible employee performance! Our team ensures delivery of freshly prepared meals straight into their workplace delivering hassle-free dining experience to employees!
Furthermore, catering subscriptions are a tax deductable expense that the company can use to boost moral while saving on corporate taxes.

Offering catering as an employee benefit offers many advantages. It increases employee satisfaction by offering them healthy yet delectable lunch options during their workday, boosts productivity and morale and fosters an atmosphere that values employee well-being in the workplace, and it also makes it very easy for companies to organize weekly or monthly events and gatherings.

Absolutely, employees have the freedom to tailor their meal selections according to individual dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Our menu options accommodate for vegetarianism as well as omnivorism so all employees have access to meals which suit them!

We can customise the plan to fit the needs of every company. If some company has a hybrid model and may need only two or three days of food delivery, we will create a custom plan for your company and your employees.
Furthermore, our plans can be customized to fit the unique needs of each business and employee alike, including selecting coverage level and frequency options; while employees have complete freedom in selecting meal choices according to their schedules.

Absolutely. It will only strengthen these efforts! Subscription-based catering in company wellness programs demonstrates a dedication to employee health and well-being. Consuming healthy meals may increase energy levels, focus abilities and reduce stress – leading to happier, more engaged workers overall.

Absolutely, our flexible subscription plans give companies the ability to select different plans suited for various employee groups within their organization. Whether that means tailoring plans specifically to certain departments, levels, or shifts – our service adapts seamlessly to fit the diverse needs of your workforce.

Starting is easy – companies simply contact us with their requirements and preferences and our team works directly with them to create an subscription-based catering solution that reflects both company culture and values. Once set up, employees can enroll easily in order to take full advantage of it!

Our catering service offers comprehensive assistance for companies, from setting up subscription plans and meal deliveries, through regular updates, reports and assistance ensuring the catering service aligns with company goals and employee needs. Furthermore, we offer the ability to vote and provide imediate feedback. This way we can improve our services and make your experience tailored to your needs.